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Mother’s Day is right around the corner and debut author Tawny Weber has the perfect solution to that age old gift-buying question — what do Mom’s love?

Lingerie, romance, and enough “me time” to enjoy both are high on her list of the things that remind her that there is more to life than casseroles and carpools.

But if the thought of rummaging through the Merry Widow bin at Victoria’s Secret for your mom makes you blush, or if you’re on a budget that will break under the weight of even the flimsiest $100 silk peignoir, consider another less costly item that’s probably high on her list:

A good book.

According to Tawny Weber, author of “Double Dare” [Harlequin Blaze, May 2007], you won’t be alone.

“These days, with women juggling so many roles, it’s easy to lose track of who we are, because we are so many people in one: Mom, cook, taxi, wife, wage-earner. They are all important, but how often does the actual woman get lost in there? We moms love to unwind with a great book–which is probably why book industry research shows that the week before Mother’s Day is one of the peak selling times for booksellers.”

Weber’s novel will be in bookstores two weeks prior to Mother’s Day. Considering that the plot revolves around a lingerie designer with an eye for the hot guys—specifically the hero, a cop who’s eyeing her in connection with an identity theft crime—and the book retails for only $4.75, it may be the that perfect gift for your mommy dearest.

A multi-award winning writer, Weber ( who knows quite a bit about juggling roles. This Northern Californian balances her mom time with her writing time, romantic weekends away with her husband and learning the ropes as a published author.

“I love to write strong, empowered heroines. Women who might have issues in certain areas of their lives, but who are confident enough to still chase after their goals – and their men,” explains Weber. This is clear in “Double Dare”. Audra, the book’s heroine, not only walks the wild side, but manages to launch a career, snag her man and deal with her own personal identity crisis. While friends expect her to be the wicked chick they like to hang out with, her boss expects her to be responsible and focused. Audra herself is struggling to figure out if she’s even interested in fitting in anymore. To find a guy who seems to accept her as she is – what a novel concept. Of course, that’s before she finds out his acceptance is tainted by the suspicion she’s a criminal. Talk about an identity crisis!”

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